Is Email Marketing Still Worth it in 2024?

Is Email Marketing Still Worth it in 2024?

For a number of reasons, email marketing should remain a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy in 2024. Here’s why:

Broad Reach

Reaching a large and varied audience is a clear benefit of email marketing. With billions of users across the globe, email is a vital tool for organisations to engage with the customers they are targeting as it cuts beyond geographic and demographic barriers.

Super Cost-Effective

Email marketing is substantially less expensive than other forms of advertising. It makes it possible for companies, particularly those with tight budgets, to connect with customers without having to spend a lot of money. Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that has a remarkable return on investment.

Engagement and Personalisation

In 2024, email design and content will still tend towards simplicity. It is easier for recipients to interact with the email’s main message when the design is straightforward and the content is succinct, since it cuts through the digital clutter.

Interactive Emails Featuring Videos

Emails with video content integrated in them are expected to increase user engagement. Email videos are a powerful attention-getter, emotionally connect with recipients, and boost click-through rates.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

It is anticipated that AI will become more prevalent in email marketing, assisting with email composition, attention-grabbing subject lines, and content personalisation. The email marketing process can be made more efficient with automation, which enables focused communication and effective campaign management.

Optimising for Mobile

Mobile optimisation will be essential since many consumers will be viewing emails on mobile devices. The user experience is improved by responsive design, which guarantees that emails are presented accurately on all devices.


To conclude, email marketing remains a vital component of digital marketing strategies due to its extensive reach, cost-effectiveness, personalisation capabilities, and adaptability to emerging trends like AI and mobile optimisation.

As we head into 2024, leveraging these aspects of email marketing will be essential for businesses to effectively connect with their audience and stay competitive.

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Stewart Curtis
Stewart Curtis

Stewart is a CIM-qualified Digital Marketing Professional with 15+ years experience across various industries including sport, energy, environmental, software and professional services. He started ShakerMaker Digital in 2020 and has thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of agency management, supporting 50+ local organisations with various digital projects.