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Email marketing can have a significant impact on your business, regardless of the service you offer or the product you sell.

What We Do

Let's Hit The Inbox

With over 347 billion emails sent every day, this is one marketing channel you should seriously consider using. In a world full of spam, we engage audiences with performing, GDPR compliant email.

Email marketing is more powerful than ever. This media allows regular and welcomed contact direct with your target or existing customers, enabling you to build powerful and regularly converted relationships.

With engaging copy and knockout designs, we’ll create consistent and effective mailers via any platform, including MailChimp and DotDigital.

Responsive email designs
Pre-send spam checking
Email strategy development
Engaging, on-brand copy
Template design service
Increased brand awareness
Post-send analytics
Audience segmentation
Automation campaigns
Unmissable call-to-actions
Dynamic recipient content
Abandoned basket sends

According to the Data & Marketing Association, every £1 spent on email returns an average of £42. What a return!

Our Work

Our Email Marketing Projects

You’ve read the blurb, but it’s nice to see some of the content a developer has produced, right? Here are a few of our recent projects.

Why Choose ShakerMaker?

Whilst we might not be the largest digital marketing agency in Hertfordshire, this can work to your benefit. Here’s a few reasons to choose us for your requirement.

Affordable Pricing
We’re not a large agency, which is reflected in our pricing.
Visible Results
We provide regular reporting to show the results of our actions.
Flexible Offering
We’re completely flexible, managing as much or as little as you require.
End to End Ownership
We don’t use middlemen, with all work completed directly by us.
Genuine Relationships
We prefer to build long-lasting working relationships with clients.
Methodical Approach
Over the years we’ve developed a time and cost-saving methodology.

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