5 Reasons to include a Blog on your Business Website

5 Reasons to include a Blog on your Business Website

It’s question we’re asked all the time. Sat in a website design kick-off meeting and the topic of a blog arises, followed by: “Do we really need a blog?”

It’s a fair question – to which the short answer is… yes, you do!

Here are five reasons why you really need to consider adding and maintaining a blog on your small business website:

Organic (Free) Search Engine Traffic

Google only cares about providing the best answers, so if you want to rank well in search, your website must include content that does just that.

An excellent tool for doing that is a blog. In fact, without a blog, it will be challenging to produce enough material for Google to index you for longtail and specialty keyword phrases – the method most small businesses use to appear in search results.

(Forget trying to rank for large, competitive keywords; your chances are slim.)

Identify Authority

If you’re not interested in starting a podcast or YouTube channel, writing a best-selling book, or giving Ted presentations, you’ll need to find another means to show off your knowledge and build credibility if you want to draw in the proper kind of clientele. A blog is an excellent tool for small businesses to do that.

Save Admin Time

Many people ignore this, but even if you’re short on time and don’t want to become a professional blogger, this is a compelling argument for starting a blog.

When you provide consumers any kind of creative or consulting services, you have to respond to a lot of enquiries, some of which recur frequently. To respond to these queries, use your blog.

Use your blog to respond to questions instead of reinventing the wheel each time you have to explain anything. After that, encourage readers of the article you authored about it to check it out. Since potential clients will have similar inquiries, you’ll draw in clients who also require this assistance.

Increase Traffic to your Social Media Profiles

You need to have some kind of social media presence if you want to be seen by potential clients online. It’s crucial to get your promotional message out there at least % of the time, which entails driving traffic to your website, in order to make the most out of the time you spend gaining an audience and interacting with people online.

While it’s great to be “networking” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms, it’s not the same as bringing individuals into your marketing funnel, where you will nurture client prospects to keep your pipeline filled. This is how you can achieve that via blogging. The initial request is simple: “Check out my blog post.” If you impress and add sufficient value, the following question may be more ambitious:

  1. Join our email list
  2. View our services
  3. Make an appointment for a free consultation

And just like that, into your sales funnel they go. 

Attract a Higher Quality Clientele

This is the most compelling argument for including a blog on your small company website. The greatest method to share your knowledge and build credibility with a specific audience is through a blog, which also helps you get customers to your establishment.

Your dream clientele will find you through search engine optimisation and social media visibility if you have a blog and provide solutions to their concerns.

With every website design project we complete, we always encourage our clients to not only include, but maintain, a blog on their website. Whilst it seems time-consuming and laborious, it’s 100% worth it as a slow-burn marketing tool. 

So what are you waiting for. Time to get blogging.

Thanks for reading, SM.

Stewart Curtis
Stewart Curtis

Stewart is a CIM-qualified Digital Marketing Professional with 15+ years experience across various industries including sport, energy, environmental, software and professional services. He started ShakerMaker Digital in 2020 and has thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of agency management, supporting 50+ local organisations with various digital projects.